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We are looking to establish long-term relationships with clients who seek financial services delivered by fiduciaries.  



INITIAL MEETING:  We begin this process by scheduling an initial meeting with prospective clients.  At this initial meeting, we are looking to become better acquainted with you.  This allows us an opportunity to share with you what our firm has to offer and how we differentiate ourselves from other wealth management firms.  Our initial meeting is also an opportunity for us to learn whether we believe we will work well together with a prospective client and we understand that our prospective clients are also evalutating us on the same basis.


There is no charge for this initial meeting.  


We do not make any decisions at this meeting and our prospective clients also do not make any decisions at this meeting.  We will not ask you to share detailed financial information with us and we will not ask you to commit to entering into a relationship with our firm at this initial meeting.



SECOND MEETING:  After an opportunity for both of us to reflect on what we have learned in the initial meeting, we will contact you to let you know whether we are interested in taking the next step in our process and this is your opportunity to let us know if you are also interested in moving forward.  If it appears that we may be a good, mutual "fit", we ask that the prospective client provide us with detailed information about their finances including recent account statements.  Prior to our second meeting, we will evaluate the client's financial information so that we can provide feedback to the client about the client's current holdings.


We will be asking the following questions:  What are the current costs or expenses of your investments?  What are the risks?  How are your investments allocated?  How well are your assets diversified?  How are your investments performing?  Are your investments tax-efficient?  To learn this information, we will carefully research and analyze your current investments.  After learning the answers to these questions, we will share this information with you to assist you in understanding your current investments.


We will also begin learning about your investment objectives at this second meeting to help us analyze whether your current investments help you achieve your goals. 


There is no charge for this second meeting. 



SUBSEQUENT MEETINGS:  The process of analyzing your current investments and investment objectives may require several subsequent meetings.  We are interested in spending whatever time is necessary to help you understand your current investments and to help us learn more about your investment objectives and expectations.  In our experience, the more informed you become about your investment choices the more confidence you will have in your investment plan over the long-term.     


There is no charge for these subsequent meetings. 



BECOMING A CLIENT:  If you decide to become a client of our firm, we will confirm that you have received a copy of our most recent ADV 2A Firm Brochure, a copy of the firm's Privacy Policy and we will review our firm's Advisory Contract with you and ask that you sign this contract after you have had an opportunity to review it.


The Advisory Contract is the document that sets forth our fee arrangement regarding advisory services.  You will not be charged a fee for any of our services until you have agreed to that fee by signing our Advisory Contract.


MCWM does not maintain custody of its client's assets.  Depending on the client's circumstances, the client's assets may remain with their current custodian and the client may grant authority to the Portfolio Manager to have trading and other authorities over the account or the client may sign documents to open one or more accounts with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.   


Once you become a client of our firm, we will work in the following weeks and months to complete an "Investment Policy Statement" that tracks detailed information about you to assist us in better understanding your investment objectives and expectations regarding your Portfolio. 



ONCE A CLIENT OF THE FIRM:  Once you become a client of our firm, at the end of each calendar quarter you will receive copies of your monthly billing statements for that quarter and a quarterly performance report.  We make a commitment to our clients that we are happy to meet as often as clients would like to discuss issues that are important to them.  At the same time, our clients assume an obligation to meet with us at least yearly to review their account and objectives.


At least yearly, we review clients' Investor Policy Statement to insure that the information remains current. 


We also look to review clients' insurance needs, including policy reviews of existing policies.  We examine whether clients still need each of their insurance policies and whether some insurance polices could be replaced with less expensive or more beneficial policies.

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